What is My Bikini Belly? Who is Shawna Kaminski? And does their belly fat reduction program work? Find out in my real review!

Product Name: My Bikini Belly

Author Name: Shawna Kaminski

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Belly fat is embarrassing and reduces confidence. With ages above 35, women suffer from belly fat that adversely affects their overall personality. Your willpower and efforts can actually help you to stay fit and look young with no fat and better body curves. Wrong lifestyle patterns and improper eating habits can further worsen the situation and therefore, never play with your body. How does this fat accumulate? Is there any formula for quick loss of fat?

The answers are there in the program My Bikini Belly designed by Shawna Kaminski. It is a 21-day program for fitness, especially aimed at women who have undergone menopause and have clinging belly fat. Accumulation of fat at your belly is the result of activation of certain genes found in the fat cells of your body. But how good is the program at actually delivering on its promises. Read our thorough review to find out.

What is My Bikini Belly?

Any woman can follow the My Bikini Belly program to lose body fat and be back in shape. The program is not tiring and boring, and would give you encouraging and quick results in just 3 workouts. It is a solution for the problems that are common among women of are 35 and above such as hormonal imbalances, wrong lifestyle, unhealthy diet and low metabolism. The 21-day program caters to the problems of aging women who have lost their glowing and youthful look.

It can give you back your youth by –

  • Burning your fat in the body
  • Fighting against the Menopause molecules, and
  • Gearing up the metabolism

Primary benefits of My Bikini Belly Program:

The fat burning program focuses ideally to activate the body’s metabolism which termed as “Metabolism Activation Training”. It activates the most significant body parts contributing to the loss of fat. The menopause genes are ones that do not allow your body fat to dissolve and thereby accumulate fat in your belly. The Bikini Belly Program targets to deactivate the menopause genes allowing the natural ability of fat dissolution in your body.

Your dream to have a flat stomach is achievable by activating the hormones that tighten your stomach with recommended workouts and exercises. With a good metabolism, it becomes easier to burn the fat and stay healthy. After 35, women face struggles with low metabolism that increases fat accumulation. Hence, activated metabolism and effective fat belly solution can gear up your energy levels. Don’t ignore your belly fat as you deserve to look your best and beautiful. If you ignore, at a certain point you may see that your body is aging faster than you. Just don’t let that happen.

Shawna Kaminski – The mother of My Bikini Belly

authorA Canadian athlete, owner of NW Body Fit Boot Camp is an inspiration for millions of women who want to stay fit and healthy. Still great in shape in her 40’s, she has managed to add many accomplishments to her kitty in the areas of swimming, freestyle skiing, and body building. She is a fearless fighter and always believes in the motto “I can do it”. She is the creator of the 21-day program “My Bikini Belly” as she understands the problems of women after the age of 35, and discovered a great approach that can make your life better.

In-depth look at My Bikini Belly

  • Easy workouts – The movements and exercises are designed for aging women who can devote little time for exercises. It is not at all stressful and basically the workout sessions are extremely easy. Ten minutes in a day can do magic with your body without any aches and side effects. The results are quick for boosting not only your metabolism but also your motivation.
  • An affordable program – The anti aging program is very affordable as it would cost reasonably less than $20. It is a great deal and much better than spending hours and hours in the gym with no results. With no equipment and rigorous workout schedule, you can look the way you want to.
  • A sixty day money back guarantee – If you are in doubt about the results of the 21-day program, you can give a try with the assurance of the 60-day money back guarantee. If you do not get the amazing results as promised by Shawna Kaminski, you have the advantage to get your money refunded.
  • Proven Results – The program is very safe and effective. The workout blueprint has shown amazing results as Shawna is the proof herself. You can get a flatter tummy with short easy set of movements within months. The results vary from person to person; it may take 21 days or more to show great results. The exercises would also improve your lifestyle, sleep, stamina, and immunity.

Stay Motivated with My Bikini Belly

If you have strong will power, you can make this program successful. You need to stick to the program without fail. If you feel the results are not visible, you need to be patient. Do not lose hope as your efforts would never go waste. Encourage yourself and retain the fire within you to look slimmer and beautiful. The magical results would never show if you do not follow the instructions properly.

  • Never overdo and stress your body with hectic workouts. Perform the set of movements for less time, such as 10 minutes in a day. Women above the age of 35 should not perform rigorous workouts that may harm your body.
  • It is a perfect solution for busy moms and working women who cannot dedicate adequate time for exercises.
  • All women would greatly benefit from the training program as it is very safe.
  • Do not starve yourself. It can adversely affect the metabolism of the body.
  • Taking out spare time from busy schedules is a daunting task for every woman and therefore, the exercises would not take much of your time and energy.
  • It keeps you motivated as the exercises are not boring and helps you stay energetic all day long.
  • Be happy and smile as it is the best remedy to stay fit.

my bikini belly book

I found only 2 cons with the program, that I enlist below –

  1. The 21 Day program is only available in digital format which makes it difficult to be accessible for all women.
  2. You need a good internet connection to follow the 21 day program as it is not available in hard copy yet.

However, the aforementioned points hardly seem like disadvantages when you consider the overall benefits that you get. I wholeheartedly recommend the My Bikini Belly program for all women around the ages of 30-35 or more.

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